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If you're gonna collect it, you need to protect it!

Collector Car, Vintage Motorcycle & More!

The ride in your garage represents the countless hours of hard labor, sweat, blood and lots of money. (More money than your wife knows about anyway.) No matter whether its a bike, a trike or a four by four with four on the floor, we have the coverage you need.

Pontiac GTO Hood TachQualifing vehicles include:

Coverage for your classic can include emergancy towing, roadside assistance, emergency lockout, emergency travel expenses, car show expense, theft reward and more! There are different levels and plans to suit your specific needs.


No, not the ones with guns...we're talking boats, but not just any boat.

Qualifing vessels are wooden and high quality classic non-wooden boats which are...

Excellent reproductions of classic wooden boat designs, home built or kit wooden boats, most cruisers and trawlers, mono-hulled sailboats, wooden canoes and more!

Other Collectables

Do you have a special collection? Whether it's planes, trains and automobiles or lions, tigers and bears (Oh my!), we can insure your prized collections at a very competitive rate. Our coverages include: